Links to my work related to animal tracking, population modeling, and AI

My ResearchGate profile
Includes papers on tracking acoustically-tagged fish with a giant array of acoustic receivers that were arranged in long lines from the shore out to the edge of the Pacific continental shelf from California to Alaska; some fisheries population modeling; and satellite-tracking khulan (wild asses) long distances across the Mongolian Gobi desert, including an algorithm we designed that finds water points based on their tracks.

  • A picture story about a collared khulan in the Gobi that carried a camera collar for a year. The photographs she took of herself, her foal, and other khulan are charming. My colleague put this together; it's quite fun but the scrolling is terrible (alternately a) click on a dot between the arrows, then b) scroll down in the middle panel, then repeat).

My posts on Medium
So far, only about AI.